Space Jam: A New Legacy

Space Jam: A New Legacy ★★

The biggest corporative propaganda ever known to man!

I seriously don’t why did I bother to watch this, maybe because I saw the Rick and Morty cameo-joke and thought it was funny, and I also kind of really like the original Space Jam for very nostalgic reasons and it’s a pretty innocent film in its own corporative decisions, but achieved those with some creativity and whimsical flair of innocence. But ual, this so called New Legacy huh….

No achievement of anything remotely near a dramatic heart, no respect for the original – that’s all but reduced to a funny Michael B Jordan joke, but that just comes out disrespectful as if is shitting on the quality of the first to self-promote; completely ludicrous on its own ideas, baffling corny and cheesy, and unfortunately not in the best ways.

Say whatever you want about how much the original is a product of its time, well, it was a product made with heart and actual charisma from those involved, enough to make it look and feel like a genuine Looney Tunes film met with a more irreverent comedy made to sell some toys but doing with loads of fun! While this one, is definitely a product of its time and the bad – while well intentioned, kind!

Making a huge HBO Max advertisement for all its products that really appear as if were written and directed by a corporative algorithm, playing with all the nostalgic rules in the book but without any human care to make them land properly, with so called self-referential meta jokes and pop-cultural references, and self promoting on top of big agendas like:

The fact of they didn’t even brought Pepe for this movie because according to the media, he: “normalizes rape culture”. Oh I see, so having the droogs from A Clockwork Orange standing in the background during the main game is fine. Love the hypocrisy! Oh, and the very idea of trying to making FREAKING LOLA BUNNY an empowered female character with the rights to Wonder Woman soundtrack and being voiced by feminist icon Zendaya, is idiotically hilarious.

And just clumsily trying to hide how this is just yet another byproduct trying to capitalize on the original successor with a new remake version disguised as a sequel, that even makes fun of that fact and majorly tries to stand as far away from the original as “trying to be its own thing” I guess, but mostly more coming off as a way of saying: we are so much better than that dated piece of shit right?! NO, YOU'RE MOST DEFINETELY NOT.

Jesus, the original blended 2D hand-drawn animated characters with live action ones having learned a lot from Who Framed Roger Rabbit well enough to look good, while here the hand-drawn animated segments look just as bad and lame as modern hand-drawn animation made on CGI world looks, only worse. And the actual game was genuinely both funny and exciting to watch, while here is all a bunch of super powers pollution and pretty ugly 3D animation mixed together.

Some of the jokes during the game in the climax actually work because it actually plays with some of the Looney’s cartoony charm, but to get there the movie goes through seriously boring human segments with non-actors, the meta referential jokes through the different Warner properties that mostly only cause a smirk of discomfort. Till it reaches that rap scene with Porky and it can kill you out of cringe effect. Some of Don Cheadle overacting is cute, but even his stuff get tiresome by the end. Ah yes, this movie is kind of boring, something that the original is FAR from being.

The main nail in this expensive cuffing is when they go ripping off the subtle biography effect over the main character like the first film did with Michael Jordan and here they do with LeBron James, which just mostly comes off as part a messy dumb joke and yet another self-promoting big inconvenient elephant present in the film. While the original was not only focused on the BIGGEST name of Basketball history, that not even non-adepts of Basketball and sports knew and hailed him just by name alone, a living wide cultural phenomenon that LeBron doesn't even hold a candle near to.

And the film had this ballzy silly move of making a fictionalized account of an actual real point in Michael Jordan's career when he retired from basketball and went on to play baseball, something that caused a huge stir between the media and the public at the time surrounded by mixed doubts and expectations, and the film took full advantage of that to not only give Jordan a personal overview within the topic, but kind of used it to tell a simple story about cherishing your own inborn passions and never giving up on your dream no matter how long get away from it.

While here…is a generic father and son misunderstanding each other and learning how to bond when selfish overbearing dad lets his son follow his own path and not the one he designs and expects from him, that I’m pretty sure is FAR from actual stuff from LeBron’s life. Oh and did I say that Michael Jordan actually acted fairly well with charisma and a little sarcasm to spare on the original, specially compared to the monotonic stoic line delivering from LeBron that is seriously hilarious to watch, and not for the intended reasons.

Thank god it won’t have another one of these and the original still’s unmatchable in its Jam! Oh yes that reminds me…. THE FREAKING THEME SONG ALONE IS BETTER THAN THIS PIECE OF MARKETING CRAP!

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