West Side Story ★★★★★

The best Romeo & Juliet adaptation ever made? Most definitely! Specially by being one that opens its door to a social commentary about race and social archetypes within youth and the New York neighborhood that never feels tacked on or forced down the throat, and yet perfectly assembled within the tragedy that surrounds the main couple and their gloomy and unfair reality on which all of them live; it’s a Shakespearean movie by default! Alongside that, and thanks to Robert Wise sheer genius for genre spectacle, it is also a musical perfection.

The choreography work that is all downright genius by the minute; with perfect framing and camera tracking perfection, and talk about COLORS, this thing looks insanely gorgeous by the minute. All while making the city feels an huge and epic stage always alive as a own breading world of itself surrounding the small neighborhood conflict around its central characters. Feeling big, grand emotional and also intimately tragic in what its tale old as time says about impossible love to live in a world ruled by ego and hate. Don’t you dare underestimate the power of this beauty in your lifetime!

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