Near Dark

Near Dark ★★★★★

I doubt any movie in the over saturated with shit and garbage genre that is the vampire movie could ever replace the "lost boys" as the beef supreme of all vampire movies, and my personal favorite. But " near dark" comes in as a really fucking close second.

This movie is great. Not only is it a good vampire movie it is also a western set in modern times, which is one of my all time favorite sub-genres. There is just something cool and cinematic about the desert especially at night.

Not only does this have Lance Henriksen and Bill paxton who are two of my all time favorite character actors. It also has the little kid from "rivers edge" playing an old man stuck in a kids body vampire and the badass lady number 2 from "aliens".

Best bar scene in a movie ever.

This is all you need to know, go watch this awesome cult classic you shit!

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