Suspiria ★★★★★

Raztober 2021 #21:

I know it’s not really fair to even compare this to the original because they’re going for two totally different feels, which I love! I love this and Rob Zombie’s Halloween films so much because it shows that radically different horror movies still can get made even if they’re technically considered “remakes.”

This feels way more like Possession than Suspira, but I really don’t mind and honestly still prefer this to the original. I know that’s sacrilege or whatever, but I’ve seen the original film twice and don’t remember a goddamn thing about it, but this hit me so hard the first time that even though watching it again felt like a new experience I remembered each scare and beat as they happened because it left such a powerful impact on me. I’m gonna definitely see the original again and maybe I’ll feel differently, but to me THIS is how you make a great horror film.

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