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This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

This review may contain spoilers.

I work in retail and as anyone knows it is pure hell during the holidays. After work, I picked up my friend and we both complained to each other the whole ride to the theater about how shitty our day was. We went to this pizza place to eat before the movie started but it was taking too long to order so we went somewhere else and because the movie was gonna start soon, we (and I know this is awful) put our food into our bags and snuck it into the theater. 

As I was dipping my chicken tender sandwich into the ranch, I moved a little to get more comfortable and proceeded to spill ranch allllll over my really cute (and fave) coat. As I was walking to the bathroom to clean up, I literally thought “this is what I get for bringing food into the theater.” 

During the scenes where Ki-woo’s home is destroyed by the rain, after the night where he and his family messed around in the Parks’ home, my friend made a comment about how they deserved what happened to their home because of everything they had just done. 

And that got me thinking about cause and effect and what we “deserve” and if this is because of some high being punishing us for things we thought we got away with. Like did I stub my toe all those times because god decided I needed to pay for, idk, being an asshole on the road or something????? Did the Kim family lose Ki-Jeong because Ki-taek killed Dong-ik? 

This movie spoke to me in a way I hadn’t experienced in a long time which is why I’m writing this long ass review when I usually don’t do that.  The vast differences between the homes of the two families, the vast differences between the ways the two families interacted, the humanity in all of them; it all spoke to rich vs poor theme that was the obvious sentiment in the story. I loved the ways in which both families would do anything for their children, and that to me was an even bigger theme, especially in the very end. 

The acting was wonderful, and I really appreciated Park So-dam’s humor in some scenes that brought out her character’s personality more. 

Overall, I loved this. Like a lot. Bong Joon-ho, you are incredible.

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