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This review may contain spoilers.

This year I haven't had my good share with 2020 releases. Maybe it's because I didn't see a lot or only saw the terrible ones. I don't even remember the last time I was at a theater, that's the thing. It's rare for a great movie to come out especially this year since there have been so many push backs and delays. So many movies could have been better if they would have just reshot some scenes but unfortunately never got the chance. Lately iv'e had an urge to watch more of this years movies because I can't go into 2021 having only seen "Birds of prey" and "Artemis foul" I can't go into the new year with such little 2020 movie knowledge. Then promising young woman came into play, great reviews pouring out from so many of my friends on here. I was curious, luckily I found a great way to see it and here we are now.

The movie opens in a night club, flashing lights of all the colors of the rainbow beaming with such power giving a euphoric sense in tone and feel. People dancing, dunk, wild, and untamed. The nightclub is a place where anything can happen. That's what I love about these scenes. They can take an unexpected turn, a twist to a rather simplistic story. We cut to three men talking. Vulgarly if I might add. You know the saying "Boys will be boys" that is more than present in that scene. Making juvenile remarks on the women nearby. They laugh and drink as the music echos over their conversation until the notice someone. A woman seemingly drunk out of her own mind sits across from them. The scenery around her looking like a big burst of candy, setting up the glossy imagery sprinkled throughout the whole film. One of the men approaches her, his friends cheering him on as they do so. They leave together, existing down the blinding neon staircase still accompanied by the ringing tunes still playing in the club. He starts to drive to his house to do god knows what with her. Sticking her head out the window the woman lats the air surpass her as she is given a refresher after a presumably long night of partying. As we enter the mans house the score starts to get more captivating building layer upon layer of tension. The man starts to take advantage of the poor woman. it's disgusting to watch, unconformable and clunky the woman asks "What are you doing" no answer. She asks again this time sounding more worried, still no response. This time is different she asks in a calmer manner, much more straight forward and almost like she knows exactly what is going on. She is dead sober and thirsty for blood and revenge as the man looks up with a blended mixture of being puzzled and shocked. As she smiles at him in a snarky attitude as we cut to black and hear the bloodcurdling screams of that very man who dared try to mess with her.

Promising young woman I feel as if it's a light satire on the piggish nature of men. The rude catcalls on the street, the screaming of obscenities when someone dares get in their way, the utter douchieness they can give off with just one look at you. But especially the men who take women home from the club only for them to do unspeakable acts. Promising young woman touches on very sensitive subjects, but it does it in such a sensible way. It knows what it's trying to do teach a message on how people turn a blind eye to things like this, and that things like this happen all the time and the negatives effects it has, not only to the main person these vile things happen too, but to the friends and people around them. Also it's about people sometimes don't learn their lesson even when someone teaches them their morals they still don't come to their senses and maybe never will. The title of the movie I think refers to promising woman as in when a woman takes a mans hand in marriage. How men are sometimes overly dominate and women just have to "promise" everything to them.

Dripping in camel toppings that gloss your screen so magically and exploding in pastel sweetarts that grace and jump off your TV so much so that you can taste it. This movie makes diner booths look like mouth watering peppermint bark oozing in flavor, and ordinary wallpaper look like something out of willy wonkas chocolate factory almost edible in a way. It takes boring brown chairs look like freshly baked gingerbread cookies begging to be iced. Promising young woman takes everything in it's grasp and drizzles sugar all over it. Cassies painted nails look like tasty gumdrops. Cassie's hair looks like all the types of cotton candy all rolled into one. The tartness of blue raspberry, the explosion of watermelon, the iconic cherry and everything inbetween. Even the most boring thing in this movie look like the most delectable Glace.

Carey Mulligan does a fantastic job as cunning Cassie. Her tactics are somewhat reminiscent of the famously infamous Amy Dunne. Living a double life Cassie has to adapt two personas each are far different but Carey Mulligan pulls them off with such charming pizzazz. There are not a lot of contenders for the oscars this year but I think the award belongs to her. Unlike most other past winners (Like the winner from 2000 you know who you are) Mulligan has a wide range of emotions in this film. Charm, or the fake charm she uses to lure men into her trap. Sadness like the devastating scene where she watches the video of her friend getting assaulted. Happiness and joy when she is with her ""boyfriend. She is both funny and bitchy in her role. Giving a performance like that is hard. She has to act within her acting, her character Cassie is somewhat an actress herself as I said before acting drunk to teach men a thing or two about their moral values. She showcases so many emotions although i felt like they could have expolored grief more than anger. Or possibly have a blance of the two but it's sometimes hard to capture more than two for certain actors, and she does it in a way that intrigued me into the story further and further until I was lost in this twisted candy land of a revenge thrill.

A problem I see some people have about this movie is the ending, and personally i don't see that. It steers clear of cliches and is a satisfying finial treat for the viewer. The movie itself on the other hand I see why people are skeptical about it especially due to the not so subtle political nature this film possesses, it will definitely throw some viewers off by its overstyilization of the touchy subject matter. The way i view it is promising young woman is a puzzle and people have different views on all different types of puzzles for some it's tedious, frustrating and even impossible to solve, to others it's simple, satisfying and extremely rewarding once you figure the whole thing out. Promising young woman is a mystery in my opinion you have to pick up on certain clues and details hinted throughout the film. You have to pay attention to what characters say and if you are doing that the last scene makes a lot more sense to the viewer like that lost puzzle piece is being fitted with the other ones and the image of said puzzle being a eruption of colors a blast of gloss and Cassie hungry for revenge all the way through finally toped off with a appetizing cherry to wrap up this sugar high.

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