The Favourite

The Favourite ★★★★½

Um what. The. Duck

I've been meaning to watch this for a while now because everyone on letterboxd is raving about how good it is and i needed something to cure my cancer I got from watching tall girl. And this movie did just that. The performances are exelent Olivia Coleman was the standout and deserved the oscar. The production design is amazing with great detail, pretty to look at. Also the screenplay was great it was very original like most of yorgos lanthormos films. Which I may do a marathon on since I have access to all his films. I just looked up who won best screenplay that year and it was GREEN BOOK HOW IS GRERN BOOK ORIGINAL. It's just like driving miss daisy. I liked green book ok but this is way more original in terms of screenplay.

This honestly deserved more oscars it only won one. Emma stone and Rachel wiez give great performances too. They could have won the oscar. This was an entertaining movie and i enjoyed it quite a bit i was kind of expecting to be a lot crazier like yorgos film dogtooth which i was dissapointed by but nontheless i liked this movie a lot go check it out also Abigail and sarah are girl simps ngl😂

One of my only flaws with this movie is the ending i dont think it was that good but i may need sometime to think about it

And the scar on sarahs face at the end of the movie looks like the nike symbol

⬅️tAlL gIrL🤢😠
➡️ idfk

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