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This review may contain spoilers.

“We’re the people saving the world from what might have been.”

Notes from Round 3:

- Who is Areppo? Why should I care about him at all? Nolan devoting 5-10 mins of exposition-filled screen time to a character that isn’t even shown on screen is a perfect example of the superfluous dialogue and convoluted plot that make Tenet unnecessarily hard to follow. I’m a fan of the movie, but I really wish Nolan had given this screenplay the Dunkirk treatment: remove any dialogue that’s not absolutely necessary and let the filmmaking speak for itself.

- I fully expect Oscar nominations (and ideally, wins) for Ludwig Goransson and Hoyte van Hoytema at the 2021 Oscars. 

- I may have criticized some of the editing in an earlier LB review, but I was totally wrong. Jennifer Lame’s work is radically propulsive, and not coincidentally, absolutely brilliant. The whole 2.5 hour ordeal is exhausting as hell (especially the first hour, which seems to condense about three movies’ worth of plot in 60 minutes), but even on a shot-to-shot basis, Lame’s editing always keeps you on your toes, and never less than engaged. 

- Kat’s self-actualization at the end by jumping off the yacht and becoming her own ideal is maybe the coolest part of this very cool movie. 

- I’m never taking subtitles for granted again.

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