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  • Suspiria



    I put this in the background at first but the atmosphere and Yorke’s score swept me away. The colorless production works extremely well with the length of the scenes as you’re focused on the actor’s movements and background events that would likely be harder to detect with too many stimulants and neon colors. Sometimes Guadagnino and Mukdeeprom emphasize the details too much with their off-kilter camera rotations or mirror shots and what have you, but the movement of the film…

  • Onibaba



    This was a great experience on the silver screen although I wish I hadn’t been so damn tired. It starts slow and the calming swaying of the reeds made me doze off few times. So yeah, I wasn’t on my A-game and couldn't pay attention to every detail. I still want to speculate about few things but I could miss the mark.

    Peaceful, meditative visuals, isolated setting and a narrative constructed to build tension which progresses into a thrilling and…

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  • The Master

    The Master


    Thrown into an unwelcoming world our instinct is to search for people that can lead through the darkness. We're offered helpful rhetoric but is the reality formed in action just so? Or are our vulnerabilities taken advantage of, impulses controlled, and behavioral tendencies toned down? In very simplified moral terms it could be argued that the goal isn't necessarily to lead us to good instead of bad but make us conform to what is the uniform idea of good or…

  • The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

    The Good, the Bad and the Ugly


    Ironic but empathic characterization, opportunism of a whole society, masculinity played as an object of laughs but sometimes as an agent which is borderline cringey. Although the backdrop of war is vital and constantly present in plot machinations I don't think it gets nothing more than a lukewarm treatment. The film attempts to portray a world of chaos and unnecessary killing but in this Civil War context the cyclicality made literal in the climax ends up coming across uninterested and…

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  • The Departure

    The Departure


    ”A dog is a dog and a car is a car…”

    I'm convinced this was shot in a week with no real script. Skolimowski simply hired Jean-Pierre Leaud and allowed him to roam free like a rabid dog while capturing some of the most beautiful imagery of the 60s. Leaud goes off the rails in this. He laughs and shouts like a maniac in every other scene, fights at least three people, runs into a pool in the middle of…

  • The Grand Budapest Hotel

    The Grand Budapest Hotel


    My 1000th log and approximately 250th review after 11 months on this site. The community has been such an inspiration for me in finding new movies to watch and how I perceive them. Every person I follow almost always writes something that resonates with me. I'm impressed how you find things I hadn't considered and your observations make me excited to discover new films and make this hobby last my whole life. During periods like these when I have very…