Dazed and Confused

Dazed and Confused ★★★★

I admire the writing in coming of age so much. It requires flexibility to make every character feel alive and get the vibe as realistic as possible. I've noticed it usually takes longer to get into these types of films (especially one set in the 70s) and most of the iffyness happened in the beginning. But after the start I wasn't questioning how the people behaved. It's beautiful how even dated things caused by the setting stopped bothering me and I was completely absorbed into this free spirited company. Numbed by weed, liquor and the joy of school coming to an end these people try to take everything out of the final moments before moving into something bigger.

Linklater doesn't bring forth possible repeating patterns or shattered expectations and dreams. He does open the curtain with the help of age differences. Sometimes addressing the future directly and sometimes in the midst of a casual conversation, like when both the juniors and seniors are talking about women. It creates a blissful feeling, zeitgeist of the youth culture, a feel good hangout film. But it's neither ignorant about problems or dooming these kids into depths of hell. Every road is open and that's part of the magic of being young.

Not focusing so heavily on those uncertainties like many other coming of age movies might make it seem like a meaningless exploration of a day in the life but the arcs are yet to be shaped and left open for the viewer. Whether the future, past or patterns matter is inconsequential at this moment. It's speculation left to live another day. Linklater captures the moments that in the end are the ones that matter and yet are no more or no less (in)significant than anything else. L-I-V-I-N

Banger soundtrack but no Dazed and Confused so no 5 stars.

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