Mulholland Drive

Mulholland Drive ★★★★

A behemoth, hailed by BBC as the best film of this century, that I'll finally get to cross off of my watchlist. I'm not sure how to write a review though. One probably has to start with what one understands. Mulholland Drive is quite clearly a critique of Hollywood system that sucks the humanity out of people turning them from innocent and aspiring individuals into homogenous piles of jealousy, exploitation, depression and anxiety. The production and Deming's camerawork supports the false image of Hollywood as Betty arrives under those beautiful blue skies and into the golden sunshine of LA but quickly gets dragged into the dark night life, dirty back alleys and dimmed apartments that for many people is probably a familiar reality.

Simultaneously Mulholland Drive is a love story that explores sexuality. It's a mystery, a thriller, a neonoir, a horror film. But it's filled with absurd situations, the tone is all over the place for a long while until it settles into a disturbing state, characters jump in and out of the picture, the plot is inexplicable (are there multiple dimensions or timelines?) and nothing can be taken as face value. Basically, it has almost all the best qualities of Lynch that make him an eccentric and an interesting director.

However, I would argue it doesn't quite have the same connection to its lead characters as FWWM does. Maybe dumb to compare a movie with a TV show behind it but I did it. Too much work is left on the shoulders of Watts and Harding both of whom do a phenomenal job but the appreciation I have for this movie at the moment is more objective than subjective. Which is a problem, small problem but enough to make a difference when it comes to Lynch because being objective and calculative is the last thing I want to do with his films. Rewatch pending.

Also, Jerry was right. For something credited to have the scariest scene in the last 25 years, it's funny that nothing comes even close to the terrifying tone of FWWM.

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