Three Colors: Red

Three Colors: Red ★★★★★

Absolute perfection, I’m considering to put this to my top 10. I don’t even know what you could do to top this film. Taking a small break between White and this one, I was ready to be taken aback by Kieslowski’s last part of the color trilogy. It was much more than I had hoped for. It takes a similar ambiguous, slow and heartfelt tone of the first one. Profoundly getting hold of my feelings Kieslowski plants the tragedy of being flawed. Nobody is perfect and that is the only things everyone shares in this planet. There are some big questions raised by Kieslowski in terms of what it means to be righteous, what connects us and what is the truth.
This film looks absolutely gorgeous. The color red stands out the same way as blue. It is both sweet and fiery. Telling about connection through Valentine and Joseph, telling about disconnection through the people being spied.

Forget about the simplicity in Kieslowski’s work. Red is the most methodical but the hardest to keep track off. It doesn’t focus only on our protagonist but connects a larger circle of people. It’s ambitious and succeeds in everything it tries to communicate because it allows your feelings to fully take over. It has elements which I didn’t make sense of but which I loved because how they drew me into Kieslowski’s beautiful world. It makes you appreciate the little things in life while providing a path to answers of the larger ones.

Top 50

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