Wendy and Lucy

Wendy and Lucy ★★★★

Wendy and Lucy is Reichardt's best film so far. Wendy is running from her hometown to Alaska with only her dog Lucy and 500 dollars to their name but their car breaks down in a town in Oregon. It's more honest and nuanced exploration of misery and misfortune than River of Grass and a more heartbreaking story about two friends than Old Joy because they’re so codependent in situations one wouldn’t even imagine.

Reichardt directs with a heart. Like in Old Joy the connection is built through walking on the line between separation and togetherness but unlike in her other movies the desperation and need for the other is more powerful than anything else. Lucy depends on Wendy but Wendy can hardly take care of her. The silent struggle and largely one-sided relationship speak for themselves. This is a film that claims to be nothing more than what you can gather from Williams’ face and the somber and tender atmosphere.

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