Il Bidone ★★★★★

Il Bidone tells two stories about subtle redemption; not with a complete turnaround, as one might find in sappy Oscar-bait drivel, but with reasonable strides towards redemption that make sense within the bounds of the character. One has to understand that these characters (Broderick Crawford's in particular) are about as addicted to conducting their scams and their extravagant lifestyle as the crew from Trainspotting is addicted to heroin. It is a powerful compulsion, and to expect them to easily stop is to expect Fellini to make a movie that is far beneath him. No, this is an incredibly warm story about seemingly unredeemable people living their lives and being human. Without a doubt, this is an underappreciated Fellini masterpiece and more people need to see it.

Also don't read the synopsis for this on Letterboxd, as it spoils the whole fucking thing. Basically it's about people who swindle peasants and that's all you really need to know going in.