Candyman ★★★

Supernatural horror sequel. Artist ‘Anthony’ and his gallery curator girlfriend ‘Brianna’ live in an upmarket loft in the ‘Cabrini’ area of Chicago. Cabrini is a gentrified redevelopment of ‘Cabrini-Green’, a large scale housing project. Anthony is inspired to learn more about a supernatural local urban legend named ‘Candyman’, ultimately unravelling his own past and a conduit lineage. Stylish and unnerving, though messy and cluttered. Ambitiously reaching to spotlight a number of topics (including racism, gentrification, victimisation, injustice, police brutality, historical trauma) within its relatively brief runtime. It’s an interesting and engaging ride, bolstered by solid performances across the board. The titular vengeful spirit is shaped as an anti-hero (of sorts) in this sequel, drawing power from wider traumas. A fractured present reflects a troubled past.

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