Malignant ★★★

The husband of a pregnant woman is killed. It is revealed the woman endured a troubled upbringing, and is tormented by the return of her childhood imaginary friend. Though it would appear the imaginary friend is a lot more real than she realises…

Bonkers horror / comedy / action / giallo from James Wan. A briskly paced, unhinged, bloody, bizarre, energetic, wholly absurd and fun ride. A story of duality and trauma. Boasting an array of well-executed set pieces, high energy, self-awareness and surprisingly high production value for a film of this nature. Tonally messy and loaded with a cluster of hit / miss ideas - resulting in a resonating and entertaining mix of grisly body horror, creepy giallo thriller, and absurd comedy. Essentially ‘Garth Marenghi’ meets ’The Dark Half’, ‘Basket Case’ and (loosely) ‘The Fly’. Visually stylish, employing a wonderful range of dynamic camera, lighting and colour techniques. Hampered by some iffy supporting performances, illogicalities and conveniences, instances of weak dialogue and a bonkers central twist which may polarise. The last 20-30 mins are a blast. Peak Wan.

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