Pig ★★★★

A truffle hunter ('Robin' - Cage) lives with his trusted foraging pig in the Oregon wilderness. One night, a group of thugs break into his home, attack him and kidnap his pig. Robin sets off on a quest to retrieve his pig - though to do so, he must confront his past. Melancholic drama from debut director Michael Sarnoski, exploring themes of loss, materialism, expectation and acceptance. A slow-moving affair, the various pieces form together gradually - giving the viewer just enough information, but not the whole picture.

A deconstructionist, pessimistic piece. Essentially an anti-revenge, revenge story. Each character is seeking to find some kind of value in their lives, ultimately filling a hole with a surrogate. Cage is outstanding in the central role, and his character is perhaps the only one who enjoys any kind of resolution. Boasting some stunning photography, each shot is loaded with purpose - such as the distance / detachment between the characters within the frame, or the contrast when switching from the natural forest enviroment to the steel and concrete of Portland, etc. The supporting performances are generally weak, and the score is forgettable. Nevertheless a superb debut.

Altitude blu-ray release viewed.

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