Things Heard & Seen

Things Heard & Seen ★★

Art restorer 'Catherine' (Seyfried) moves from her Manhattan home to an upstate country farmhouse, when her husband 'George' (Norton) takes a teaching job at a small college. Isolation sets in, and a string of strange events unravel - revealing George's true colours.

Weak, slow-burn supernatural horror, based on the novel 'All Things Cease to Appear'. Atmospheric, and boasting a solid central performance from Seyfried. An interesting premise, tamely executed. Loaded to the gills with foreshadowing, parallels, and religious symbols / references. Exploring wider themes of manipulation. The apparent evils of the farmhouse, give way to the evils of the relationship. Culminating in a janky descent into hell. An overwrought and generally dull affair. Sorely lacking tension, as many key steps are foreshadowed. 

It’s on Netflix.

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