Executive Koala ★★½

There is a really funny, genre-busting movie in here. That movie ends somewhere short of the hour mark (when I reached that point, I said, "ha ha, that's awesome," and was ready to turn it off and give it a great review!) while this movie just keeps playing.

This suffers from exactly the same problem as Calamari Wrestler. It just keeps fucking going long after I'm done watching.

I love how the few characters who were played in ridiculous animal costumes were treated as normal people. I loved the insane plot (until I stopped loving it and started hating it). I loved the frog shopkeeper's deeply unsettling echoey croaking. I loved the flashing red eyes and the suits and the retarded dialog.

You could take this footage and re-edit it into an awesome, funny 45-minute movie. For additional length, you would need more script and more ideas. Surely whoever came up with this concept in the first place could generate a few other novel things to throw in here.