Serenity ★★½

Ridiculous groaner of a plot-twist aside -

Can we discuss how badly this DP wants to fuck Matthew McConaughey? It's a testament to his passion that this desire was in turn imbued in me, like a sinister possessing spirit. I have never in my life had covetous loin-thoughts about this country-fried matchstick man, but here I am, watching the True Detective himself parade more cake than Marie Antoinette on Mardi Gras and thinking to myself "this is dope. Great artistic choices." Like there's literally a prolonged underwater shot where the man's entire butt is framed corner-right ABOVE his own head. Kim K could never!!

But yeah anyway this movie has a really audacious commitment to what are just a bunch of quarter-baked ideas, and a hell of a lot of scenery chewing, sooooo I loved it. I have no shame in having paid money to watch this out of a sense of neutered irony; I sincerely hope to see more of this in the future.

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