Death Screams

Death Screams ★★★★

"You want to make love on a tombstone?"

Completely forgot that I pre-ordered this and it showed up today. Maybe I'm just not paying attention but it feels like Arrow has stopped showing as much love to the good old days of cheap 80s slashers as they once were. Still putting out amazing shit regardless though.

Death Screams kills it with fantastic poster art and small town hanging out that has casual murder taking place in its background. Most of it is just chilling with a bunch of teen hooligans as they cause mild mischief, try to get lucky and tell scary stories in a graveyard while their dead friends float down a river leaving a trail of blood.

From opening to end the machete wielding blood maniac takes out a good amount of people while tucked in the shadows. The kills are swift and quick, leaving you feeling a bit let down for a movie called Death Screams but like most slashers it's building up to a death dance of a finale. No more holding back as hands get amputated, bodies now split in half, heads decapitated and frantic party goers lose their shit in the middle of the woods.

I can understand the sort of lowball rating this has received but I love it. The score is really trying to give it its all, it has a staggering amount of 80s charms, more than enough sleaze showing its face, slashing that once the ball gets rolling takes off in a spree of violence and likeable cheesy characters. Plus that woodsy setting is fantastic.

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