• Magnolia



    "What can we forgive?"

    Magnolia is the equivalent to what a two hour straight anxiety attack feels like then an hour long episode of complete emotional damage/turmoil with the complimentary exhaustion that comes afterwards as well.

    Exploring forgiveness, guilt, self-loathing, imperfections and human nature PTA weaves a story of separate individuals all going through their own issues, own rage, own sadness, own grief, own search to find footing in a world that just never seems to throw a bone.


  • Days of Thunder

    Days of Thunder


    "No, no, he didn't slam you, he didn't bump you, he didn't nudge you... he *rubbed* you. And rubbin, son, is racin'"

    Tony Scott, you son of a bitch, that's how you make a goddam movie. Regardless of it being a by the numbers sports film, Scott knows how to take that formula and amp up the octane, inject it with shimmering style, slam the pedal to the floor and capture every bit of romantic and adrenaline packed 90s grace better than anyone else making a movie about NASCAR. Fuck it, better than Top Gun and I'll die on that hill.

  • Double Face

    Double Face


    "Kill me... I can't go on living like this"

    Italian-German production starring Klaus Kinski with the role of a walking stone statue mourning his deceased wife, beating a string of women around and trying to unravel the strange occurrences popping up around him due to the discovery of a smut film his wife may be a star of.

    I like the style in Double Face, outside of the most unrealistic snow mountain sled ride ever and a toy car explosion…

  • The Pit and the Pendulum

    The Pit and the Pendulum


    "That's what we do here. We hurt people"

    The superior Pit and the Pendulum adaptation. Where is the Stuart Gordon directed House of Usher?

    Lance Henriksen is going above and beyond with his dedication to the role as well as his haircut. Everybody is actually firing on every cylinder possible for some reason, considering this a pretty hammed up Full Moon feature that's odd to see but it works in the movies favor and the audiences.

    The Spanish Inquisition brought…

  • Men


    "Want to play hide and seek? You hide, I'll seek"

    Are you elevated?

    Garland wanted to cash in on the A24 trauma horror train so bad. I'm not an A24 hater, they have a handful of surprises they've pushed out that have caught me off guard but at this point what they are pushing horror wise is like beating a dead horse. Each one marketed as the scariest shit you'll ever see, a groundbreaking masterpiece of the genre and always…

  • Kaitô Ruby

    Kaitô Ruby


    "Don't you just love the smell of crime?"

    Kyoko Koizumi is the cutest partner in crime you could ask for its just too bad she's terrible at it.

    Kaitô Ruby strings together some of the worst ideas you'd ever hear when it comes to robbin', thieven' and stealin'. It also doesn't help that she managed to wrangle up someone worse at it than she is. The duo form a cute and goofy 80s romcom delight though, caused by their antics…

  • April Story

    April Story


    "The name Musashino... sounded like a call to me"

    College bound with the awkwardness of being away from home hitting hard, young love and attempting to find yourself inside the emptiness. Shunji Iwai nails the emotions being strung together in this with such simplicity.

    April Story is soft spoken and meditative, it doesn't have a whole lot going on inside of it but it works and looks insanely pretty. You're kind of just the camera following around the new shy…

  • Picnic



    "I prefer Hell. Heaven would be so boring"

    Nihilism but in a positive way? Picnic is a dark film that somehow manages to also feel heartwarming in its exploration and symbolism soaked sadness. From a mental asylum where the past continuously torments to walks along the city walls where the Earth opens up with gorgeous cinematography and a fleeting end of the world beyond the horizon. Dreamy, hypnotic, cloudy and melancholic while dancing to the tune of a somber score. My first encounter with Shunji Iwai and certainly not my last.

  • The Gorgon

    The Gorgon


    "For Gods sake... don't come near me"

    When you see that Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing are in a movie together going up against a Gorgon who turns people to stone you'd expect it not to be boring, you'd also think the Gorgon would have more than five minutes of screen time. A drab and dragging dramatic affair with a hilltop castle gone to waste unfortunately.

  • Eden Lake

    Eden Lake


    "Im being hunted"

    I recently watched The Sadness but nothing in it made me flinch like the box cutter to the mouth did in Eden Lake.

    Romantic getaways that don't go as planned are always a bummer but they are an even bigger bummer when a gang of kids decides it's your time to die and hunts you in the woods. Where this really strikes in the harrowing nature is that this isn't something that is plausible but something that…

  • Blind Beast

    Blind Beast


    "I've feasted on a bliss that most people never even know exists"

    A pound of flesh, no more, no less.

    If you're familiar with the works of Edogawa Ranpo you should know exactly where Blind Beast is going. Blissful pleasures at the end of the world slowly sliding over the edge into unspeakable perversion. Touch as an art form caressing the body and providing sensation that lights up the flesh, chisels it away and eventually withers in a final form…

  • Mark of the Witch

    Mark of the Witch


    "Ancient ones come forth at my command. Revel with your sister and her triumph on earth"

    They say that the witch who comes and possesses the body of a college student terrorizes the town but honestly she mainly just gives the two main dudes trying to get rid of her a whole lot of anxiety.

    Regional witchy horror shot on a budget but still manages to come out the other end looking stylish, well acted/scored and quite amusing. A summoning…