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  • Cliffhanger



    Season's over Asshole!

    filled with over the top action, great stunts and catchy one-liners, Cliffhanger is an incredibly entertaining piece of Stallone's filmography. i was all in from the start with that nailbiting opening sequence where a rescue goes horribly wrong. realism gets thrown out of the window early but that's not why you watch these kinda movies. you do because they give you villains like John Lithgow's Qualen. he's just brilliant in the role and gives you someone to…

  • What's Your Number?

    What's Your Number?


    a lot of familiar faces pop up during the course of this overlong comedy. they're unimportant to the story though. what seems to be important is to present the two leads with as few clothing on them as possible. i'm not mad about that but in the end it's just to cover up the abysmal script. the comedy often misses the mark, especially the raunchy parts. Faris and Evans are charming but can't save this from mediocrity.

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  • Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood

    Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood


    at the heart of Tarantino's latest lies the friendship of the characters played by the legends Pitt and DiCaprio. i could watch that alone for hours. set in the late 60's around various L.A. locations, the attention to detail in the set design is remarkable. while probably missing most references on billboards and adverts, i appreciate the effort. a huge variety of costumes and the music take you back to a simpler time. it's ultimately Tarantino's homage to his childhood…

  • Twilight's Kiss

    Twilight's Kiss


    first film of the zurich film festival for me.

    Pak, a workaholic stuck in a marriage with no love left is on the lookout for a quick hookup at the local park toilet. sounds like a weird opener for what follows. Suk Suk tells a story of two older gentlemen in search of happiness and meaning in this late stage of their lives. Hoi, a retired single father, shows Pak around the gay scene of Hong Kong which leads to…