Lady Bird

Lady Bird ★★★★

The little details in this, the commitment to portraying complex characters, makes it stand out over a pretty cliche plot. And by characters I mean Lady Bird herself and her mother; a character says "that's hella baller" at one point and it's pretty hard to take that seriously. I mean, I love movies about angsty teens, but I'm starting to wonder how many I can watch before the effect wears off - a rebellious, dyed hair girl exploring boyfriends and having an awkward first sexual experience, trying drugs, having a tumultuous relationship with her mother, ditching her best friend for cooler people before reconciling at prom, etc etc. I'm being too harsh; I tend to lash back at movies when they become the highest rated movie of all time on RT. On a more positive note, Greta Gerwig really knows how to make clichés seem new, and this movie grips from the opening shot. I love the nostalgic filmic 16mm look of this, even if it's really digital (a wonderful example of how great digital can be when used right). There's a real weight to each shot, and this movie manages to capture both the way everything feels so big and important as a teenager and the way things seem less so looking back. Also, Laurie Metcalf is absolutely phenomenal.

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