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  • Sex, Lies, and Videotape

    Sex, Lies, and Videotape


    Many of this film's ideas seem to me dangerously close to a new age sensibility, but what won me over was the startling way in which Soderbergh achieves a climate of intimacy (Cliff Martinez has merit for that too). Great Debut.

  • The Florida Project

    The Florida Project


    Liked quite the film, even if I find it a bit too one note. That note, though, gets increasingly discordant until the very end. Great performances by all the cast and good direction (Baker achieves from children very natural acting), but that ending, while being a great idea on paper, is awfully executed here.

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  • I Love You, Daddy

    I Love You, Daddy


    The more people feel outraged about others watching this film, the more I wanted to watch it...there's a current trend among cinephiles that basically prompts you to take sides when cold detachment would be preferable. I don't feel in myself the pressure of the social warrior syndrome or millennial hysteria, so I have no problems in separating the art from the artist. I mean, even if he did bad things, why I should punish him about his crimes? This is…

  • The Post

    The Post


    There was a darker Spielberg in the '00s; one who also addressed politics in tough times. Now that one has mutated into a conveniently brighter filmmaker, which is fine, though I still prefer when Uncle Stevie's idealism gets manifested in a more nuanced study of character and sense of place (like in Bridge of Spies). This one is so pandering and calculated in its political agenda that the purely cinematic rewards get considerably subdued by comparison to other films about…