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  • The Chaplin Revue

    The Chaplin Revue


    Good compilation of First National shorts with some of his best work. The introduction was taken from an earlier unfinished short and it works ok, not a very sophisticated re-release, but the music was a nice addition.

  • The Pilgrim

    The Pilgrim


    This short has its nice moments, a few memorable gags and all the great slapstick we've come to associate with Chaplin. I have not much to add, with this I'll conclude my reviewing the Chaplin shorts, seeing them in order made me understand much better his craft and genius, also to understand his weak points, I think I can spot when he is inspired and when he just has to finish the work, the pace is always great in both,…

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  • Easy Street

    Easy Street


    This short is one of the best Chaplin's made up till then. It begins with Chaplin desolate, introducing pathos since the first scene, which is kind of new. He plays much more importance on the story and the other characters that we can actually relate to his condition and wish him to succeed. The production values are better also, we get to see a whole neighbourhood and a lot of secondary characters that are more worked out. Maybe there are…

  • The Idle Class

    The Idle Class


    This is a great Chaplin short, with lots of laughs, even so I felt it a step backward after doing The Kid. In this one we have a bit more of social commentary and that makes the gags more interesting, but I wish he would interact more with other characters and to stop using Edna.

    Anyway, its a great production and perhaps the best comedy being done anywhere in the world.