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  • earthearthearth


    Do you remember that Zabriskie Point scene? Well, here you got the acid extended version.
    It was difficult to find this, so I had a huge hype, and I'm a little disappointed (that synths caused me a headache and I didn't know what to expect), but anyways I could enjoy it.

    Probably works better with a rewatch with me, and some previous chemical additions.

    EDIT. I can't belive it, this thing destroyed my head. all my body hurts and I feel terrible. i hate this

  • Paddington 2

    Paddington 2


    For some reason this reminded in lots of moments to Werckmeister Harmonies, that it's exactly the opposite but anyways, I don't understand how my mind works. I really enjoyed the first part when I was a kid, and now I liked how it keeps fresh and simple, even it turnes a little bigger, in proportions Another reason why the film keeps good although its simple plot and characters, it's because how it looks and how some scenes are filmed; with…

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