The Tao of Steve ★★★★

The Tao of Steve is about Dex (Donal Logue), an overweight and exasperating (but endearing) slacker who manipulates the philosophies of Lao-tzu, Heidegger and Groucho Marx into a foolproof theory of dating --The Tao of Steve -- which provides a system of rules and guidelines for transforming ordinary guys into charismatic Steve McQueens.

The Tao of Steve is great for its truth in showing how deliberate actions and signals can affect success or failure with new women. Dex, with his Tao of Steve rules, knows how to "eliminate desire" in front of a woman, how to "be excellent" in front of her, and, most of all, how and when to pull away and feign a lack of interest - all of which, of course, are geared to make the woman more interested.

The film succeeds merely for showcasing the extent to which men can redefine dating as a theory and game, but it takes it one step further when it pits Dex's elaborate system against a situation for which he has no rule: a woman he loves.