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  • Dracula



    ~ 1st two parts were pretty good minus the trademark Moffat smart man protagonist is smart look at how smart he is isn't he SO-GOT-DAMN-SMURRRRRT-ish-ness.

    ~ Then that third part happened.

    ~ I genuinely loved it when Dracula burst out of a wolf -- blood/viscera coated and buck ass naked -- and screamed at a bunch of nuns.

  • Joker



    ~ the Joker (while watching Joker): "But... BUTT. But wait. Isn't this supposed to be... funny?"

    ~ congrats on making a super serious and super smart film that definitely has, like, THINGS to say about, like, society man (and also is totally not boring).

    ~ in a different world out there somewhere beyond the beyond, Phoenix made a damn fine Joker and the world applauded.

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  • Brightburn



    ~ this movie is trash

    ~ that's on fire

    ~ and there's a breeze

    ~ could have been good tho

  • The Avengers

    The Avengers


    ~ still good.

    ~ that first scene is useless though.

    ~ note to self: stop forgetting that useless first scene exists.