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  • The Thin Blue Line

    The Thin Blue Line


    Being fully aware of the impact The Thin Blue Line had on the world, as it led to a man being freed from prison and also adjusted the trajectory of documentary filmmaking, I tend to think that the circumstances of this film being made are way more interesting than the film itself. Of course, one cannot walk past Morris's invention of interrotron that makes his subjects talk directly into the lens whilst having a conversation with him, which ultimately makes…

  • Critters



    Sometimes I humour myself by posing hypothetical questions like: what was the purpose for making the film I just watched? I think it's a valid question to ask regarding any film, but I somehow tend to pontificate in this area when I'm not exactly entertained by what I am watching. This is the case here as well.

    Critters is one of those films I immediately associate with my formative years as a youngster when I'd spend countless hours at my…

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  • The Road

    The Road


    Every single idiot hoping for a zombie apocalypse 'because it will be so cool' should be assigned to have a sit-down with "The road". Brutal, gritty, dull and depressingly sad, this film is probably the closest to what would actually happen in the event of shit hitting the proverbial fan. (Edit: though it has nothing to do with zombies, but a planet dying in a mysterious but straightforward fashion). It's never an easy watch and it does kick you in the stomach more than once, but it is simply a masterpiece.

  • Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

    Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

    Disclaimer: I think I should start by apologising in advance in case I lose decorum at some point and devolve into spouting profanity.

    When I first watched James Gunn's Guardians Of The Galaxy, I liked it a lot and thought of it as Star Wars for the modern adolescents. It was nothing like other comic book adaptations and was quite self-contained and it wasn't bogging itself down with tying the film to other entries to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It…