The Da Vinci Code

The Da Vinci Code ★★★

A long movie that was surprisingly able to move along without dragging a too much, however, if you aren’t as engaged with the conspiracy theory as we were, that might not be the case. Certain characters are very fun to watch in this movie (namely Silas), although some of the French accents in this film were far less than believable (although not nearly as bad as Johnny Depp’s accent in Tusk). Prepare for a potentially convoluted plot and a lot of dialogue. Despite this, how can you not enjoy watching Tom Hanks and Ian McKellen? If this movie interests you or you enjoyed the film, perhaps consider checking out the book that this movie was based on, as recommended by my co host Lauryn.

Lauryn Wurscher - 7.5/10
Jack Kluth - 5/10 (edited)

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