• The Star Wars Holiday Special

    The Star Wars Holiday Special

    Why? Just why?
    This may have been one of most un-pleasurable experiences we have ever had when watching a movie. As of right now, this is the worst movie we have ever watched for this podcast. Nothing makes sense; why are Wookies watching soft core porn? Why do they live in a highly well furnished house? Why is there a 10 minute long tutorial video in here? Why is this so much of a nothing movie! You get nothing! You lose! Good…

  • GoodFellas



    To put it simply, this movie is a goddamn masterpiece 🤌🤌
    However, if you wanna hear some more in depth thoughts on exactly why it is such a masterpiece, then have we got the podcast for you!
    But seriously though, this was a grand slam movie that all of us enjoyed immensely. Martin Scorsese’s beautiful storytelling, characters, and world building all combine to tell the magnificent life story of Henry Hill, the famous member of the New York mafia. From the…

  • The Truman Show

    The Truman Show


    The Truman show is at the surface a simple premise played out in a comedic way by legendary actor Jim Carry, and while it succeeds at creating this atmosphere, it is also a vehicle for deep existential horror, as well as a commentary on both the state of entertainment today, and how we as the audience participate. This movie truly stands as a wholly original and unique piece of filmmaking. It is an essential piece of cinema for movie fans…

  • Candyman



    A very fun cult horror with with a lot more quality than meets the eye. An outstanding score by Philip Glass, good acting, and fantastic sets. The second half may vary in tone/quality more than the first half (at least according to Jack), but it still manages to stay scary and fun all the way up until the end. A slasher and paranormal mashup that was able to create many likable characters and iconic moments in horror cinema.

    Lauryn Wurscher…

  • The Da Vinci Code

    The Da Vinci Code


    A long movie that was surprisingly able to move along without dragging a too much, however, if you aren’t as engaged with the conspiracy theory as we were, that might not be the case. Certain characters are very fun to watch in this movie (namely Silas), although some of the French accents in this film were far less than believable (although not nearly as bad as Johnny Depp’s accent in Tusk). Prepare for a potentially convoluted plot and a lot…

  • Iron Man

    Iron Man


    While this certainly contains many of the hallmarks of early marvel movies, Iron Man still stands tall as the unchallenged catalyst for cinematic universes. Although it has aged, it is still able to rise above a lot of present day Marvel movies. Tropes abound, the villain is nothing special, and various aspects about the plot aren’t as strong as they could be, but the movie modestly still holds up and is the reason that we have so many great Marvel…

  • Tusk


    We can both safely say, we are glad that a movie about a human walrus does in fact exist :) and that’s about it. 

    We were both very much left in shock and confusion after this movie. While a few small parts may have been slightly funny, there’s not a whole lot of anything to grasp onto here. Certainly one of the most unique and f*cked up movies we have reviewed on this podcast.

    Lauryn Wurscher - 2/10
    Jack Kluth - 2/10

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  • Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones

    Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones

    “After this movie, I feel like I was a little harsh now during my Phantom Menace review”

    When your special guest summarizes her thoughts with “the only redeeming thing I can say about this movie is that there are some hilarious cringe worthy moments”, you know that you messed up bad. Even some of the good elements of The Phantom Menace are used inappropriately here (music, Ian McGregor). We all love Star Wars, but this is an incredibly difficult watch.…

  • Re-Animator



    The gore is fun, the movie moves along at a nice pace, and Doctor West was an interesting on screen presence. Lauryn was able to get more out of this than me in terms of the mad scientist angle as well as the characters and their dynamics. Lauryn also has a self admitted nostalgia for this film as well. While the hosts opinions vary slightly, the gore, weird plot, and pace are able to keep this movie afloat, and, if…

  • Swiss Army Man

    Swiss Army Man


    This is certainly one of the most bizarre and out there movies that we have reviewed on our podcast. Only A24 would be willing to put this strange concept into the big screen for people to enjoy. After grasping the absurd nature of the movie, we were able to jump onboard and enjoy the ride. A clever concept held together by a beautifully composed score comprised of only vocals, and two lead performers who aren’t afraid to put themselves out…

  • 28 Days Later

    28 Days Later


    A great zombie film that pushes the genre and rises above the rest. Some questionable early 2000s aspects (editing choices and shaky digital camerawork), and an odd opening 3 minutes, but as the movie went on, it only became better and better. Great characters, terrifying sequences, and commentary on the human race makes this a must see for anyone who is a fan of the zombie apocalypse genre.

    Lauryn Wurscher - 7/10
    Jack Kluth - 8/10

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  • Taxi Driver

    Taxi Driver


    There is genuinely not a single weak aspect of this movie: it is truly one of a kind. It’s a masterpiece in every sense of the word. This film has a lot to say both about American culture and the audience themselves, and that sexy saxophone puts the movie into overdrive, making it a unanimous 10/10 rating.

    Brad Schultz (special guest) - 10/10
    Lauryn Wurscher - 10/10
    Jack Kluth 10/10

    Full episode available here

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