Stream of consciousness crazy-bitch review: I haven't seen the original so this is the original to me.

I've always been fascinated with horror as a kid. Horror and sex actually. They are two parts of me that I've always been connected to but extremely internally if that makes sense. And because of how instinctual and primal they are, they actually make me feel dissociated with the world, and really lonely. I think everyone feels them stronger when they're by themselves, because we've been conditioned to ignore both of these things in everyday modern society. I used to have a bit of a horror-colored-lens type view of the world as a toddler where everything felt scary and mysterious and creepy and alone but somehow it wasn't really in a bad way? It was kinda intriguing? But as watched horror movies I never felt like they would capture inescapable aloneness I associated with true fear. There was always too much masculine and forceful fear with monsters and jumpscares and chainsaws and murder and whatnot and just too much interaction, too much of waiting for something to HAPPEN. But I felt fear was already constantly felt inside of yourself. Watching this movie kinda resparked that part of me, and it clicked halfway that it had something to do with a more feminine fear. I'll edit this as it gets more clear in my head.

Onto the actual movie lmao: Again, it was successful in sparking a different tone in horror ("different" I know it's not an original) that I feel is more akin to long-term existential horror rather than short-term scare horror, the former which I feel is more real. There were a lot of pacing issues with like how fast Dakota acquired witch knowledge or whatever tf was happening. Some of the video editing felt atrocious to me, like the slow mo ghost stuff was like iMovie effects of something? But overall I loved the more artsy cinematography direction in this (i think?) wide audience movie. Chloe Grace Mortez really can't fuckin act I guess. Loved Dakota in the beginning but I felt her character focus drift away as the movie progressed? Or maybe she was emptying herself to be a hostess? Mia Goth and Dakota were such friendship goals. ANYWAYS, so the movie had a ton of execution errors but a lot of interesting ideas, so I'm assuming the original movie crafted it all together more effectively hence its masterpiece status. Despite all of its faults, I loved this movie overall for whatever reason, it touched a certain part of me. <3 <3