One Direction: This Is Us

One Direction: This Is Us ★★★★½

It’s a Wand Erection night lads! Back in late 2010 some friends would show me clips of their time on The X Factor along with backstage interviews and diaries/vlogs from a staircase where their personalities clearly shined. I remember telling them “These dudes are fucking idiots! ....I like them!” and leaving it at that, early 2011 I was hooked and continued to follow those guys who I thought would clearly disappear in a couple of months, except they never did. I downloaded their debut album along with a virus to my computer and listened to it religiously before preordering it when it was finally available for purchase on iTunes in the states the following year. I continued to stream their music and watch their interviews and vlogs for years to come as these were guys that were so clearly unpolished and generally fun. I had a blast watching their ascension into the phenomenon they eventually became as I never really expected the guys from those video diaries could ever reach that point and that level of superstardom but there they were completely taking over the music industry, a group of working-class guys from the UK and Ireland propelled to such a level by simple word of mouth spearheaded mostly by young girls whose enthusiasm was contagious and beautiful. I’ve still got my Harry and Niall cups so *clink clink* to 10 years of One Direction ladies and gents.