mid90s ★★★

Idk whether to give it 6/7. Enjoyed throughout but something feels a bit misplaced. The thing that I liked is that this movie has heart, other than that the characters were all believable, everything that it tries to capture the culture felt genuine.

The aspect ratio, however, felt misused, and that's either good and bad. Good cause not so many film uses it, bad cause it doesn't deliver anything other than stylistic purpose, but it's perfectly executed. Not like A ghost story, Mommy, First reformed, etc. where u could actually feel that the protagonist is trapped or closed.

For comedic wise, it's pretty funny. Some scenes and event just plain spot on and simple. I kinda feel bad for the young actor (Sunny Suljic) tho considering he's 11 in this movie, idk it's just an American thing I guess...

I can sense that it tried to make a poetic movie with heart, but I just couldn't take it seriously with kids perspective.

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