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  • S He

    S He


    Holy. Fucking. Shit.

    If you care about transgressive film, you need to watch this.

    If you care about gender violence in film, you need to watch this. 

    If you care about trans cinema, you need to watch this. 

    If you care about animation, you need to watch this.

    If you care about stop motion, you need to watch this. 

    If you care about art, you need to watch this. 


    Honestly the less said about it the better I think, just know that it’s a painful but absolutely incredible watch. You really do need to watch it. 

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  • Ruben Brandt, Collector

    Ruben Brandt, Collector


    You ever pause a movie while streaming to buy a physical copy? I truly don't understand why the internet hasn't lost its damn mind over this movie.

    If you give even a single solitary fuck about animation please please please watch this movie. I think "like nothing you've ever seen before" gets overused, but this truly is like nothing you've ever seen before.

    The great joy here is absolutely in the style, but I think the story is also thoroughly…

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  • Barbie



    There’s a moment in Barbie where Ken (Ryan Gosling), having recently learned about patriarchy, says to a businessman who’s informed him that they mostly hire women now, that they aren’t doing patriarchy very well. The man chuckles and assures him that they are, in fact, doing it very well; they’ve just become better at hiding it. It’s a good joke because it’s so true; the only problem is that it’s also exactly what Barbie is.

    The film takes explicit aim…

  • Messe Noire

    Messe Noire

    I probably should have known that this would get much more graphic than expected when I could only find it on a porn site. But I figured "eh it's from the 20s, it can't be that aggressive" and decided to watch it in the dining room of the home I share with roommates.

    During the six minutes that this runs, one roommate came home and, just as this was getting to the close ups of penetration I was not at…