Midsommar ★★★

Ok, first things first, the score bangs. And of course it does because it's The Haxan Cloak.

Onto the movie: I probably came in a little too hot with an overly critical lens because I didn't love Hereditary as much as most people, I liked it but it absolutely fell to shit for me at the end. And one of the major things that made me annoyed at Hereditary shows up early here with the first scare being a "something scary behind you in the mirror" scare. It also certainly didn't help that the theater had about 20 teenagers who laughed at every instance of nudity no matter the context.

I do like this more than Hereditary though and want to give it another chance in a theater that hopefully isn't full of youths who have never seen a pagan ritual. Because I think the fact that it's doing one thing the whole time helps a lot, even if it doesn't quite need two hours and twenty minutes to do it, Florence Pugh is fantastic, and it all looks amazing.

And like I said, the score bangs.

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