Naked Lunch

Naked Lunch ★★★½

Movie 40/40 for the 2021 queer film challenge, meets criteria:
- a film based on a story by, a documentary about, or a film with a cameo by William S. Burroughs

Yes I did finish the challenge I organize on the final day to finish it. 

I’m currently about 2/3rds of the way through the book (I’m a very slow reader given that I spend most of my time on movies), but it became clear at some point that the book wasn’t going to help make anything more comprehensible. And what we get here makes way more sense than the book ever could, which isn’t to slight either, it’s just a compliment to Cronenberg’s adaptation/biopic mixture here. 

It’s also perhaps the most soothing movie to feature a wild amount of bugs and Cronenbergy make up.

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