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  • Mid90s



    Really good directorial debut! Cinematography was a strength, acting was a weakness. I enjoyed this a lot, but it was too short. Also I was called Stevie as a kid, and the idea of a really young Stevie getting into such a messy adult lifestyle freaked me out.

  • Minding the Gap

    Minding the Gap


    Incredible. On a technical level, this thing is so well put together that it’s hard to believe that it was made by one of its subjects. It’s raw in a way that feels perfect for a skater, but it’s also impeccable and pretty advanced. Drawing parallels between kids and adults, to the point where you sometimes can’t tell who’s who....I swear, I caught myself thinking of Malick, that if he made a documentary it might look a bit like this.…

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  • Columbus



    Man, it’s no surprise to me that this gem flew under the radar, but honestly how does a movie THIS GOOD fly under the radar??

    Time seems to move differently in this movie. I guess not just time, but space too. Every character is floating more so than they are living. Precisely my kind of film, but certainly not fit for those who need action and conflict to stay engaged. This is just people, doing people stuff but in a mesmerizing atmosphere.

    Now I can say that there’s an architecture-y movie that I love. One of the best of its year.

  • Mandy



    Let’s get my only complaint out in front: I have a hard time taking Nicolas Cage seriously, in any role.

    THAT BEING SAID, this movie absolutely R I P S . The cinematography is phenomenal, the color palette is rich. The late, great Jóhann Jóhannsson’s final score is one for the books; I purchased it on vinyl less than 24 hours after I left the theater. It’s heavy and eerie, adding to the film’s greatest quality: atmosphere. The whole thing…