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  • Being Two Isn't Easy

    Being Two Isn't Easy


    What a good-natured, beautiful little movie. Wonderful to get the perspective of Taro as well as his parents. I dare anyone to dislike this!

  • The Other Side of the Wind

    The Other Side of the Wind


    Straight up cool.

    I love the notion of a lost film like this. Can’t imagine what Orson would’ve thought of this release, particularly as fodder for a streaming behemoth. It’s a cool movie though, and it confirms my suspicion that Oja Kodar is a badass. My favorite part (of this and most old movies) was recognizing actors from Night Gallery. There were two.

    Apologies to FilmStruck for watching Netflix tonight. But to be fair, I did watch SANJURO earlier today.

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  • Prisoners



    Fuckin’ A, man. Villeneuve is that dude. This is like a whole season of True Detective in 2.5 hours. Way too intense to see more than once every few years. Found myself forcefully exhaling a lot in the last hour. Breathtaking cinematography too, for a breathless thriller. There should be books, tomes written about Jake Gyllenhaal’s character.

    I had to revisit this to make sure it still deserves a perfect rating from me. Verdict: uh........ya.

  • Columbus



    Man, it’s no surprise to me that this gem flew under the radar, but honestly how does a movie THIS GOOD fly under the radar??

    Time seems to move differently in this movie. I guess not just time, but space too. Every character is floating more so than they are living. Precisely my kind of film, but certainly not fit for those who need action and conflict to stay engaged. This is just people, doing people stuff but in a mesmerizing atmosphere.

    Now I can say that there’s an architecture-y movie that I love. One of the best of its year.