Eighth Grade ★★★★½

This movie is painful in all the right ways. It makes me so scared for younger kids, but also hopeful that they might be able to turn out stronger than all of us. I really hope that young people see this movie, and find the same hope in it. Eighth grade was 11 years ago for me (sheeeeeesh), and I had a similar shyness, but it pales in comparison to what Kayla (and I’m sure countless other, real, eighth graders) experiences. I love that she gives advice on topics with which she’s not even proficient—don’t we all? She hit the nail on the head with her advice on confidence: fake it until it becomes real.

Man, so much could be said about this film. It’s heartbreaking, terrifying, hilarious, and utterly real. If you’re a teenager, or if you ever were one, please watch this.

And thank you Bo Burnham for writing a teen movie with a parent who does everything right.

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