The Little Things

The Little Things ★★★★½

Wow, I got on here expecting to see raves but looks like people aren’t loving this. Well I can’t lie, I loved it. It’s a tried and true detective procedural, with a few things that actually caught me off guard. I appreciate not being able to predict everything. Excellent acting all around, though I think Rami Malek was a quirky casting choice. He’s not too believable as a straight-laced detective, especially when he says some line like “let’s tow that sucker in.” But Rami’s kind of inhuman in a way, hard to say what role he is meant to play—he could’ve fit the weirdo killer/suspect role very easily.

My only real complaint here was some of the score. It was really awesome for about 80% of the movie, but 20% was strangely inspirational music that, especially at the end, felt quite out of place. But I was altogether riveted. Maybe I’ve been starved for good movies for almost a year now, maybe I’m being too generous. I don’t care, I had a hell of time.

Also, final note on Jared Leto. Every actor deserves a mulligan or two. His Joker portrayal has become a timeless meme now, and not for any good reasons. But he absolutely OWNS in this role. Everything he does is perfect here: his face is borderline skeletal, his voice and demeanor are creepy as hell, and the other physical aspects like his gait and body composition are also frightening. It’s been so long that I can’t remember the name of the little golden statues we give to actors, but put him on a shortlist for this one. Add this performance to DALLAS BUYERS CLUB and BLADE RUNNER 2049, and it’s almost impossible to deny how talented and compelling he is as an actor—provided, of course, we give him that mulligan. And we should.

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