Cloverfield ★★★★½

Another Cinema Verite inspired film that successfully lives up to the genre, with almost a perfect mixture of action and drama along with the thrill it's not hard to see why I rate this film so highly.

The acting quality probably could of been improved but it wasn't horrific enough for it to really bother me. The one thing I would change would have to be the ending, It's anti-climatic and just seems rushed, almost like they ran out of time filming.

Apart from these minor things the film was impressive on the whole. The story was simple but still entertaining and it never seemed that the scenes were dragging on which is incredibly important when you base a film entirely on one night.

Along with a soundtrack that almost perfectly sets the mood and isn't too overpowering but just noticeable the story is pretty solid easy enough Characters to relate with and understand, plenty of emotion to relate with along with some awesome Sci-fi effects really make Cloverfield a decent film.