The Invisible Man ★★★


I liked the first hour alot. Stylishly crafted, well-played and slowburn horror delivered tastefully. The paranoia and dread our main character suffers from after being in an abusive relationship is well comunicated.

Unfortunatly it went down from there - the screenplay is uneven (both in terms of the dialogue and with some major plotholes as well) and the subdued horror is substituted with loud jumpscares and (excuse the phrase) mindless action. 
And the final 10 ten minuttes almost ruined the film for me. 

Moss and Hodge are really good, but for now at least, I will stick to the good old version with Claude Rains.

Edit: Had to add and extra half star. Even though I stand by my review, I have to admit that the film has not left my thoughts here five days later. So yeah, here ya go.

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