Cruella ★★★★½

First off, did someone in the sound department accidentally plug they're I-Pod into the soundboard while mixing the soundtrack? Seriously watching this film was like I was wearing my sound buds while I had my Spotify mix on. But really, this soundtrack rocked!

I loved this film. I had no idea I would. In fact I was holding off watching this for a few weeks now thinking it was gonna be some Disney chick flick film. Boy was I wrong. And again, another case to avoid the critics' bad reviews and just see it for yourself.

This was a blast. I loved the screenplay. And the performances of Emma Stone and Emma Thompson were brilliant, especially Thompson. And I really liked that they didn't really connect anything to the original film...well, the end credits bit.

Big surprise great time with this one. I really like when that happens. To watch a film you really have no desire to watch and come away feeling that it's one of the best of the year. It is for me.

See it!

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