The Hunt

The Hunt ★★★★

Much hyperbolic blood splatters from both the hunted and the hunters in this two-sided satire lampooning the divisiveness of American culture and politics today.

The hunters - super elite liberals - set out to shoot down the hunted - right wingers selected for deplorable right wing behavior or attitudes - in a contest that favors the hunters and perhaps makes the hunted feel like they're in The Hunger Games.

Caught up in all this by accident is Crystal - played by Betty Gilpin with quirky humor and off-the-wall facial expressions and mannerisms in a performance that holds the film together. As a down-home woman from Mississippi who has her military training and Afghanistan experiences to fall back on, Crystal just wants to survive.

In order to survive, she faces off against the leader of the hunters - a liberal whose bleeding heart is also ice cold - played by Hilary Swank - in a battle royal in an elitist designer kitchen.

(I keep thinking about this movie and some of its clever moments - so I've punched it up to four stars. I like how the right-wingers are given a collection of weapons that's an IRA-member's wet dream - but they aren't going to do them much good because the left-wingers are planted in a fortified bunker with high-powered sniper rifles.)

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