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  • Martyr



    It’s like a poem. A bad one.

  • Evelyn


    If The Royal Tenebaums was a lush and lovely documentary about grief (and eccentricity).

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  • Stalker



    There is a level of believable opaqueness that I often find in my favorite films; a quality that tells me that there is much more underneath the surface. It rises above being contrived crypticness through a sense of intuitive coherence and humanness. The context in Stalker is a surreal, artificial "Zone" that defies human logic. It is a wondrous, intriguing stage to three very humanly flawed characters. I don't find it hard to trace their inner processes despite the alien setting or their often literal dialogues. I feel, instead, a sense of empathic wonder that makes me want to know more.

  • Argo



    "Argo fuck yourself."

    I don't know man, at 31, I just might be too old for the Hollywoodisation of things that happened in real life. I simply can't deal with the molding of people, places, and events into tired archetypes, elaborate yet passive set pieces, and dumb scenes where the hero says that curt yet badass thing and the bad guys act bad really badly, especially when you wrap it all up in patriotic kitsch.