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  • Logan



    Logan is good, although not entirely the genre-busting comic-book movie that FOX is promoting it to be (and that many are hoping for). There are still shitty, half-baked villains. There are glowing green vials of super serum straight out of the superhero playbook. There's this weird detour to Eriq La Salle's house so Logan can try to solve a land dispute. (I wish I were kidding about that.)

    But Hugh Jackman brings enormous depth to a ragged, aged Wolverine. The…

  • The Lego Batman Movie

    The Lego Batman Movie


    The cleverness and downright subversiveness of The LEGO Movie are nowhere to be found here, replaced by non-stop, self-referential jokes about Batman productions past. Director Chris McKay and five (!) credited writers make an attempt at crafting something deeper by having Batman face his greatest fear -- accepting a new family after he lost his first -- but the story still feels flimsy when compared to The LEGO Movie's relentless assault against the dark forces of uniformity.

    LEGO Batman works…

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  • It Follows

    It Follows


    An effective and minimalist horror flick with a great concept and an even greater synth-driven score. (And the latter isn't the only thing that will make you think of John Carpenter here.) Maika Monroe plays Jay, a bored suburban teen who has sex with her newest fling in a parked car and ends up relentlessly stalked by a methodical supernatural entity as a result. Sure, the film is a metaphor for STDs and the dangers of intimacy, but writer/director David…

  • Gone Girl

    Gone Girl


    Three years ago, David Fincher took a sleazy best-seller called The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, did some Fincher-y things to it as he adapted it for the screen, and ended up with a pretty entertaining film that was never going to be mistaken for one of his best movies but made for a compelling watch nonetheless. Cut to present day, when he’s taken a sleazy best-seller called Gone Girl, done some Fincher-y things to it, and ended up with…