It Follows

It Follows ★★★★

An effective and minimalist horror flick with a great concept and an even greater synth-driven score. (And the latter isn't the only thing that will make you think of John Carpenter here.) Maika Monroe plays Jay, a bored suburban teen who has sex with her newest fling in a parked car and ends up relentlessly stalked by a methodical supernatural entity as a result. Sure, the film is a metaphor for STDs and the dangers of intimacy, but writer/director David Robert Mitchell doesn't hammer those points. Instead he focuses on mood and tension by creating long scenes of mounting dread.

It Follows is a little too long and, at one point, sort of attempts an action climax that doesn't fit well with the rest of the movie. But the film recovers in its final few minutes and stands alongside The Babadook as a deeply unsettling horror yarn that trades on smarts and atmosphere instead of gore.