Army of the Dead

Army of the Dead ★★★½

One hell of a fun time. This movie is basically Zack Synder having fun with a close to $100 million dollar budget and making a zombie movie out of it and like I just said it is a pretty fun time. It's obviously not great but as a popcorn action zombie film, it's solidly good. The story is told well enough, the cinematography is amazing, the musical score and soundtrack are great, the direction is good, the editing is fine, the humor gets some decent laughs, the visuals look really good, and create some amazing imagery to look at, the makeup and CGI on the zombies, for the most part, look solid and pretty creepy, most of the characters are likable and entertaining, the little bits of emotional moments are surprisingly effective, the action scenes are intense, exciting, and filled with so much over the top blood, gore, and violence that it's just brilliant, and the cast is fantastic with everyone doing a good job in their roles. Even if this film is a lot of fun it does have some big issues that I kind of was expecting going in. The story itself is pretty predictable, a few of the characters are just there to be one-note tropes or jerks, some of the CGI doesn't look very good and you can clearly tell when it's there, there are some very predictable cliches and tropes to go though, and the film really didn't need to be two and a half hours long. Thankfully the film is paced very well and it doesn't feel that long but the film very easily could've been condensed a bit. Overall if you can get past the predictable story, some lame and cliched tropes, and a long-running time then you probably will really enjoy this movie. It's not anything deep or super serious but it's still a very fun zombie movie that I am sure will deliver both zombie fans and general people what they want. If you're a massive fan of zombie movies then absolutely check this film out and if you just want a big dumb fun action film then this is also a good one to watch. Now after The Synder Cut and this film I look forward to seeing what Zack Synder will do next because I think after that movie we will all be looking at what he will do in the future.

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