Dolemite Is My Name

Dolemite Is My Name ★★★★½

Once I heard the title of this film I really didn't know how the film would've played out but after watching it I really did enjoy it. The story is very well-told, the cinematography is good, the musical score is fantastic, the humor is pretty effective and funny, the production and costume design is very good and looks really nice, and the performances are excellent from everyone especially from Eddie Murphy who really did make a comeback with this film. He hasn't really been in that many acclaimed films lately so to see him in a film that is not just great but has him do a performance that is very funny and has a lot of effort put in it is just refreshing. The only problem with the film would be that the main story can be predictable at times particularly at the beginning but after the first act, it really does get engaging and is not the typical story that you think it would be. I wouldn't say it is a perfect film but it is really good and I hope it will be a return to form for Eddie Murphy. Let's hope he can take on better roles in the future cause he really does have the talent and this film really did show that. If you're looking for a comedy that has a lot of laughs, likable characters, and fantastic performances then this is a great film to watch.

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